Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JQuery Versus Java Script

JQuery and JAVA Script are technical connotation that can be easily understood by layman through this article.
Meaning of JQuery and JAVA Script-

JQuery- JQuery is JAVA script libraries that make your tasks quite simple and easy. By using this application you can reduce the amount of work. JQuery framework allows the creation of powerful and dynamic web application. Microsoft and Nokia are the two companies who have announced to bundle JQuery application. JQuery library is designed to keep things quite simple and convenient for user.

JAVA Script  is most popular scripting language available on internet and it works for all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Certain features of JAVA script is enumerated below.
 It is designed to augment interactivity to HTML pages.
  • It is light weight programming language which can be easily understood.
  • It is usually embedded directly to HTML pages.
  • You can purchase JAVA script without obtaining a license.

 Difference between JQuery and JAVA Script - Through their meaning it is quite clear JavaScript and JQuery are two different things. The example will help you to understand things better

Example- You can consider JAVA script as foreign language which you are learning or trying to understand. But if you go to a country where it is spoken then you may be in dilemma and you may require either a translator or someone who can help you with foreign language. Now, JQuery will act as guide that makes your journey easy and convenient. JQuery is one among many frameworks that provide help in areas where it is frustrating or difficult to write plain JAVA language. It’s just like internet explorer and other standard compliant browsers that makes task fast and easy.

JQuery basically adds interactivity to HTML pages and simplifies the process of traversal of HTML DOM tree. You can use JQuery to handle events, perform animation and Ajax support for rapid web development. It also provides capability for web developers to create plug-in on top of JAVA script library.

Thus, JQuery and JAVA script are two different things one encompassing another.